Monday, March 5, 2012

Collaborative Owl Project with Kim Fields

Two years ago, after the February Tucson shows, Kim Fields stuck around for a few days for us to play in the studio.  She left behind a small black and white owl, which sat in my studio, untouched for months.  Right before the Bead and Button show, I added bright color and detail, and turned the very beautiful owl into a bright fantasy version.  Kim's work made such an interesting canvas to paint- so many more little textures and details!

So, after that first owl, we decided to do more.  This small batch of 9 owls have a combined total of close to 4 work days between the Kim and me, and I think they definitely show it.   While I don't tire of insect-related content, stepping into the world of other winged creatures sure was fun!

A few of these are still available for purchase. Contact me for details.