Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Etsy! and Caterpillars!

Yup, that's been my week... Now that the Design Challenge is mostly wrapped up, my focus has been on setting up an Etsy store, and making new Caterpillar beads.  These guys are so much fun to make- mostly done in the flame, with a few little embellishments using vitreous enamels.  I'm working on a long post right now that explains their 'evolution'- expect that in a couple days.  But I couldn't wait to share them, and the new Etsy store. Right now, in the store, you'll find a few of these Caterpillar beads, and another handful of finished jewelry pieces.  I'm adding more this week, and will be sending "New Work Alerts" once I have a bit more added.  So, this is a pre-preview, of sorts? Please, click on over to my Etsy store, and let me know what you think!  

I'm working this week on adding more to my website- more, different caterpillars, earrings, and more jewelry.  Maybe some other new beads too... I have quite a few projects in process, and it's always hard to tell which one will be 'cooked' first.

Expect more from me later this week!  Until then, happy beading!  

Friday, October 8, 2010

Design Challenge Winners!

It has been a tough week making decisions, and tallying votes!  I have to say how amazed I am(and all of the other judges were) by your creativity, innovation, and inspiration in your designs with my beadies.  There were 23 entries, which is more than I expected for this first Design Challenge (yes, there will be more).  THANK YOU for putting your energy, time, and spirit into this Challenge!  

To see the entries, visit my website (captions are coming): 

or, if you're on Facebook, check them out here: 

JUDGING: I enlisted the help of 4 other judges: Sara Hardin (Soft Flex master), JC Herrell (bead artist), Janice Zinser (my awesome mom), and Star Vasquez (bead artist).  Each judge picked their first, second, and third best pieces.  We worked a little magic and turned those votes into scores (3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd).   All of our choices were between 9 entries, so this was a very close contest.  

So, without further ado, 

The WINNER of the 2010 Design Challenge is Christy Puetz with her amazing seed-beaded Beetle neckpiece, which received 8 points in judging.  Christy will win $600 worth of my work, and a gift from Soft Flex!   

2nd placeAJ Reardon with her "Beetles are Lovely Too" necklace, which received 5 points in judging.  AJ wins $300 worth of MZ Glass goodies!  

3rd placeGail MacKenzie with her "Tribute to the Red Hot Beetles", which received 4 points in judging.  Gail wins $100 worth of MZ Glass goodies!  
Gail was also selected by Sara Hardin for the 'Best use of Soft Flex and MZ Glass pieces', and will be getting a selection of Soft Flex Trio packs!  

The other artists that received scores were Rickie Voges, Valerie Fordham (for her entry #18), Rebecca Moore (for her entries #8 and #10), Elizabeth Fensin, and William Justiniano.  All of these entries had between 1 and 3 points from judging, so you can see how close this contest was!  Every judge commented on how difficult it was to choose winners.  

Again, thank you to ALL of you who entered.  If you didn't win this year (or if you DID win!), it's not to early to start designing for next year's Challenge!  I'm thinking I will have this as a continuing contest- because I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing my beads become part of your creative process!  Expect details on the next Challenge in the not-so-distant future.