Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A surprise trip to Butterfly Wonderland

Yesterday was our two year anniversary.  The last two years have flown by, and I'm so lucky to have Thomas in my life.  As a surprise, Thomas took me up to Phoenix this past weekend for a short hotel stay, a great dinner at Arrogant Butcher, and - best of all- a visit to Butterfly Wonderland.  Thomas told me to pack my camera, and I'm so glad he did!  I took hundreds of pics of the thousands of butterflies in the conservatory.  I left filled with lots of new butterfly species to explore in my own work.  Here are a few highlights: 
 A Clipper, Parthenos sylvia
 Madagascan Moon Moth, Argema mittrei, freshly emerged 
 A Malachite (one of my all-time-favorite butterflies), Siproeta stelenes
 Morpho peleides.  (While Morphos are most widely known for their iridescent blue color, the ventral view of their wings is just as gorgeous.)  

 Another all-time favorite butterfly, the Paper Kite, Idea leuconoe.  I love watching these butterflies in flight; their size makes them seem like they'll fall right out of the air if they stop fluttering even for a second (but they don't).  
 A Royal Blue, Myscelia ethusa.  
 A Tiger longwing (I think?) Heliconius hecale 
A White Peacock, Anartia jatrophae 

Brown Siproeta, Siproeta epaphus 
Common Birdwing, Troides helena cerberus  
Doris longwing, Laparus doris

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