Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bijoux Bee and National Pollinator Week!

I haven't talked much here about my "other" business, Bijoux Bee.  Several years ago, working on a couple glass projects with a friend who has a laser engraver, I kept wanting to explore other mediums, particularly wood.  I initially wanted to make lightweight components that could complement my glasswork, but my ideas quickly expanded beyond that, and so I decided to separate the two bodies of work.  My boyfriend, Tom, gets all the credit for the business name, logo, and our website, and he still helps out with some of the design work.  (Our Heart style theme is entirely his!)

What I love about Bijoux Bee is that not only provides an outlet for my "non-glass" ideas, but it creates a wide variety of affordable, wearable, and very lightweight jewelry.  It's a beautiful complement to my work in glass, and you'll see a lot of common themes that carry over between both my glass and wood work.  While the vast majority of what we make gets sold to boutiques, galleries, and shops around the US, Etsy serves as our retail online storefront.  Check it out!

In celebration of National Pollinator week, we're honoring the bees, of course.  So, just for this week, use the coupon code "POLLEN" and get 20% off.

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