Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Etsy! and Caterpillars!

Yup, that's been my week... Now that the Design Challenge is mostly wrapped up, my focus has been on setting up an Etsy store, and making new Caterpillar beads.  These guys are so much fun to make- mostly done in the flame, with a few little embellishments using vitreous enamels.  I'm working on a long post right now that explains their 'evolution'- expect that in a couple days.  But I couldn't wait to share them, and the new Etsy store. Right now, in the store, you'll find a few of these Caterpillar beads, and another handful of finished jewelry pieces.  I'm adding more this week, and will be sending "New Work Alerts" once I have a bit more added.  So, this is a pre-preview, of sorts? Please, click on over to my Etsy store, and let me know what you think!  

I'm working this week on adding more to my website- more, different caterpillars, earrings, and more jewelry.  Maybe some other new beads too... I have quite a few projects in process, and it's always hard to tell which one will be 'cooked' first.

Expect more from me later this week!  Until then, happy beading!  

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