Thursday, April 29, 2010

MZ Glass Design Challenge

So after getting so excited to see a few of my beads at my last show "come back" to me, assembled into beautiful jewelry, I decided to have a little fun, and have a contest. 

I'm giving away a total of $1000 of my work to show that, even though this contest is to embrace fun and creativity, I'd love to see your best efforts.  So PLEASE consider entering!

Here's the info:
MZ Glass Design Challenge

How do you use your MZ Glass Beads? MZ would love to know!


Use any of MZ’s work in an amazing design project. Any sort of project is fair game: jewelry, wearable art, wall hangings, anything that includes parts that MZ has made. Mix MZ Glass accents or focal beads with your own components to make something spectacular. If you’ve already made a piece with older MZ Glass beads, feel free to enter it! If you have a great idea for any of my current beads, here’s a little gift to help you! Enter CHALLENGE as the coupon code on, and get 20% off your purchase. (Now, once you use the coupon, you really need to enter the contest! Don’t leave me hangin’!) You can also mention the design challenge at any of my shows this summer and get an equivalent discount for components you’ll use for the contest.

Then, take great photographs of your piece. You can include up to 3 pictures with each entry.

Send those pictures, with your contact information, and all the important info about the piece you made to Include DESIGN CHALLENGE in the subject line of your email. I’ll post those pictures to the Design Challenge Page on MZ’s website, and on the Design Challenge page on Facebook.


Winners will be announced by SEPTEMBER 7, 2010

Pieces will be judged by MZ and a few other artists and friends. More details on judges and judging will be coming soon. We’ll vote and pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Of course, technique, originality, quality, awesomeness of design, and fabulousness of how you used your MZ Glass beads in the piece will be considered.


1st Place: $600 in MZ Glass goodies, your choice at a show or on the website

2nd Place: $300 in MZ Glass goodies, your choice at a show or on the website

3rd Place: $100 in MZ Glass goodies, your choice at a show or on the website

A few pointers:

• Make sure your photos do justice to your creation! Use neutral (not busy) backgrounds. Include close-ups!

• You can enter as many times as you want!

• MZ (one of your Design Challenge judges) is excited to see any of your creations using her beads. She’s really excited about seeing how her new work is being used- particularly the Butterflies, Doodles, and Spirals. She’s also really excited to see her accent beads used creatively!

• Submit your entry on time! You have plenty of time to finish your piece! The contest will close on September 1, 2010 at 11:59 PM. Entries that come in after that will not be considered.

• Send each entry to with DESIGN CHALLENGE in the subject line of your email. Feel free to follow up to make sure I received your entry (in case I don’t respond to your email).

• Be sure each entry includes the following:

o Your name as you want it to appear in the show & tells of this Design Challenge.

o Your contact info (email, phone, address)

o The title of the piece, year of creation, and year of MZ Glass pieces used (if you don’t know this last one, feel free to ask me for help).

o A great description of the piece. Include materials and methods used in the construction of the piece.

o You can submit up to 3 photos for each entry.

Ok, that just about covers it.  Design away!

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