Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling Technologically Inept

I used to blog. Years ago. That was before I was doing glass full-time and when maintaining my website was just a hobby, not part of my official job. Nowadays, between shows, classes, travel, and other life adventures, my website has cobwebs on it, I haven't blogged in ages, and the only way to keep up with me and the biz is on FaceBook. This fall, being blessed with months of relatively few planned work-related trips, I've made returning to blogging/ web maintenance/ catching up a priority. That, and working with boro, but that's for another blog post.

Over the last couple days, I've set up this new blog, and started researching the ways to integrate FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, and all those other social networking pages with my website. In a dream land, the social networking pages, my website, and blog will all work together like a well-oiled machine.

We're not quite there yet. Wow, I feel dumb. When it comes to this web stuff, I am officially as out-of-date as acid wash denim. There was a time when I thought I knew what I was doing…. I wrote the code to my first website, after all. But now I'm in a whole new world, of widgets and badges and Tweetdeck and web developer language that may as well be Cantonese.

I'll get there, eventually. I'm one persistent cookie, if I choose to be. Keep an eye out- my successes will be celebrated, trust me.

Wish me luck.

Back to the 'help' sections I go…

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